How It Works

We immediately get to work behind the scenes and make the staking process as painless as possible.

Staking is a serious business, and we treat it that way. We take precautions to ensure each validator is secure.

Full Node
1. Create an account
2. Select a Validator Plan
(Full Validator, 5+ Validator (10% off), Monthly, Annual (10% off))
3. Complete payment

Enjoy dedicated resources from a top tier cloud providers. One VPS (Virtual Private Server) per validator node.
Volume pricing is available upon request.

Put your HNT to work!

Full Validator(s)
1. Within one business day, you will receive an email with your validator address, used to stake your HNT.
2. Enter the staking command into your wallet using the provided validator address and you’re up and running!
3. We are happy to help you onboard if needed.
-Staking amounts must be in increments of 10,000 HNT.
-You maintain full control of your wallet and your keys.
We will never ask for your private key.

Reap the rewards of your HNT helping to secure the network!

Full Validator(s)
Rewards are deposited immediately into your wallet as they are earned by the validator. We take ZERO fees from your HNT rewards.

Track rewards across a variety of metrics on our Dashboard. Want a metric that you don’t see? Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to customize your experience.
Deposits are made to the wallet you staked from.
We will never ask for your private key.

Full Node
1. Unstaking is possible, which is subject to a 250,000 block cooldown period (~4.5 months).
2. Rewards nor fees will apply during the cooldown period.
3. Transferring the stake to another validator service is available at any time and not subject to cooldown.
-Once you communicate your intent to unstake, we will halt any further collection of fees until you restake with us again.
We will never ask for your private key.

More Staking Specifics with Helium*

*StakeMyHNT or Legaci, LLC is not affiliated or partners with Helium, Inc.