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I’ve been on a few rooftops to screw in lightning arrestors on fiberglass antennas and have run LMR cables through windows chasing that perfect hotspot setup. There is extensive, detailed documentation out there on hotspot installs. The Helium Discord has a wealth of information on antennas, placements, cords, distances, etc. and endless rabbit holes of how to get the frequency-perfect rig up and running. This is not one of those guides.

Inspired by some of my newbie hotspot friends, the purpose of this particular piece is to give people a no-brainer guide to putting up a hotspot as quickly and easily as possible, while giving them the best possible chance for maximum rewards given their minimal effort. This article is for the person who is going to install the hotspot at a certain location regardless of their surroundings. Without further ado, your quick and dirty guide:

Note: This guide is for hotspots with a RP-SMA connection (I.e. RAK, Bobcat, Nebra)

Step 1 – Order the Essential Accessories

  1. Command Broom Holder*
  1. 5.8 dBi antenna
  • Be sure to select the appropriate frequency for your country (I.e. US915 for United States) and the N-Type to RP-SMA connector.

Step 2 – Combine Accessories and Install

  1. Find the highest window in your abode.
  2. Attach the metal (silver) part of the antenna to the broom holder.
  3. Stick the broom holder/antennna as high and as centered as possible in a vertical position on the window. (Consider aesthetics as needed, perfect center placement is not a deal breaker.)
  4. Attach the N-Type to RP-SMA cord from the antenna to the powered-off hotspot.
  5. Plug in/turn on the hotspot and configure normally.

The signal will travel through walls, trees, etc. and cover surprisingly long distances to reach other hotspots.

That’s it! You’ve given yourself the best possible chance with as minimal effort as possible.

Now, for the sake of the network, and probable possible increased earnings, I do encourage everyone to dive into the research and perfect their location placement and install. By disregarding your surroundings, you are likely decreasing your scaled rewards, as well as your neighbors’ scaling rewards – so you’ll be doing everyone a favor to brush up on the logistics. Wondering what “scaling rewards” are? This is a great document to begin your educational journey.

Another excellent method to learn is to type in curious keywords into the search bar on the Helium Discord server and launch your investigation. The #antennas channel is particularly helpful.

Join the Official Helium Community Discord Server!

The next tool I would advise is helium.place to perfect your placement.

But at least for now you have your hotspot up and running while you figure all this stuff out. 🎈

*Credit to Discord user @Westview Data for the idea.

2 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Hotspot Install

  1. Dan says:

    Really like the broom holder idea!

    I just found your website. My Bobcat is coming this week. So excited.

    Let me know if you plan on deploying a validator?

    Best regards,


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