Setting up a Helium CLI Wallet and Staking


Step 1

Visit the Official Helium GitHub to download the CLI wallet. Be sure to click “Latest release” for the most current version.

Step 2

Download the MacOS wallet file.

Step 3

Download and Unzip the file.

It should appear in the Downloads folder.

Step 4

Open the terminal and type:


Then drag or copy the file into the terminal.

It should autofill the file name in the terminal.

Step 5

Next we will need to make the file executable, so type:

chmod +x helium-wallet

Step 6

Lets execute the file now, so type:


(Optional Tip: You may press Tab to autocomplete commands, so “he ” + Tab would autofill to “helium-wallet”)

Step 7

You may encounter this error. If you do not encounter this error, proceed to Step 8.

Press “Cancel” then immediately open Security & Privacy under System Preferences. You should see this screen. Press “Allow Anyway”.

Now we can retry the previous command in the terminal.


You may see these prompts afterward:

Press “Open”,

Then “Ok”.

Step 8

You should see the help usage of the CLI Helium Wallet. These are useful commands to operate various functions of the wallet.

Step 9

Now we’ll actually Create the wallet. Type:

./helium-wallet create basic

Then you’ll be prompted to create a password.

While you are typing a secure password, you won’t see anything happening but the terminal is keeping track of what you are typing.

Press “Enter” and you will be prompted to confirm the password.

Step 10

Confirm wallet.key file creation and ensure a safe location along with a secure backup location.

Go to the helium-wallet folder you downloaded and look for the wallet.key file.


Step 11

Check your wallet balance. Type:

./helium-wallet balance

You should see a balance of zero. Now you are ready to send a test amount of HNT to your wallet.

Step 12

Fund your wallet. Send a test amount of HNT (~1) to YOUR address (NOT this demo address).

Repeat Step 11 to confirm your test transaction was successful.

Proceed to send the 10,000 HNT to prepare for staking. Your total balance will be 10,001 HNT. The extra 1 HNT will cover transaction fees during the staking process.

Step 13

Obtain you validator address from your account at

Enter the staking command into the terminal:

./helium-wallet validators stake one INSERT_YOUR_VALIDATOR_ADDRESS_HERE 10000 --commit

Enter your password and hit “Enter”.

Congrats, you are staked to the Helium Network and eligible to earn rewards from participating in Consensus. 🥳

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